Pst John and Pst Ola Anosike


Raising the Sons of God by recreating the mindset with the Word

Our ministry is set to usher in the glorious coming of our Lord via the reproduction of “Sons” from the loins of Christ Himself. To prepare a people who will refuse to succumb to the last enemy-death and live life to the full, abundantly.

Welcoming the Lord victoriously and fulfilling the expectation of our God who said to His begotten Son “sit down until Your enemies are brought under Your feet”. Christ is literally awaiting the manifestation of these sons who will vanquish the last enemy that He may arise and return Gloriously. We are determined to fulfilling this mandate, this expectation.

We believe in the infallible Word of God. We believe hell is real, Heaven is real. Jesus will return to rapture His saints. Our Gospel is Sonship, Life Eternal, Christ Life made manifest…

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Spirit Revelation Epistles

Unveiling the Deep things of God with Pastor John Anosike
Living in Wisdom

Living in Wisdom

Living in the Wisdom of God is living in the profit of God When knowledge is applied unto profit, it is called Wisdom Wisdom is the dividend of...

The Revelation of Transfiguration

The Revelation of Transfiguration

Salvation provides a horizontal foundation base of the mountain. However, from the base of the mount, one is able to see the height from which the...

Speak The Word of God

Speak The Word of God

Don’t let your current pain create your next pain. Be in charge of your tongue in every situational awareness, ensuring that the scripture...

Need Prayer? We Would Love To Pray For and with You.

Prayer is a direct principle from the Word of God. The bible declares, there is power in agreement. It is my prayer that you will begin to see God’s power in your life manifesting in ways you have never imagined.
Discover the Power of your Confession

God's Perfect Will

The Word of God says “Hold fast the profession of your Faith”.  The flexibility of God allows us to receive His blessings within the capacity of our Faith. Life and Death are in the Power of the tongue, What you confess goes along way to determine the things we experience/  seasons. Romans 12:2 unveils  the three provisional dimensions of God’s Will (Good, Acceptable & Perfect).

Why greet good morning when you can greet Perfect morning?

Why greet good afternoon when you can greet Perfect afternoon?

Why greet good night when you can greet Perfect night?


Start today and choose to profess Perfection for a perfect experience in God.

Our Beliefs and Practices

We believe in the finished Redemptive work of Christ on the Cross of Calvery

What we Believe

In our Church, New World Faith Ministries, We DON’T believe in Sickness, Death or Poverty. Jesus Died that you might live, He was made Poor that you might be Rich and by His stripes He made available your healing. Awesome miracles and testimonies emanate from our services. I invite you to worship with us and experience the love and power of God.

Our Mission

Building a Generation of the body of Christ that will emerge filled with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of the word. A generation of the body of Christ that will counteract the systems of the world and its lusts and pressures with the Kingdom principles.

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    Pastor John Anosike is one of the finest teachers of our time. Outstanding miracles take place during his teachings. Men and women find their feet on the Word of God by listening to his profound exposition of the word. He is passionate about delivering the Gospel. He desires that all in Christ must be established in the Word and independently access the blessing.

    Senior Pastor, New World Faith Ministries


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